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Court: GSTAT Kolkata Date of Order: 2018-09-14

When the matter was called none appeared on behalf of the respondent assessee. No adjournment request has been received. Notice of hearing have also not been received as undelivered. Also none appeared on the earlier dates i.e. 18.04.2018 and 22.05.2018 when the cases were listed on board.

Court: GSTAT Delhi Date of Order: 2018-09-13

Documents as were required from the department, have been provided to the appellant. Matter be taken up on 5.10.2018 for final hearing.

Court: GSTAT Delhi Date of Order: 2018-09-13

Heard the ld. AR on COD application. The appellant assessee is absent on call. There is a delay of one day in filing the appeal by the appellant is sufficient for delay. The reasons stated seems reasonable, we condone the delay and admit the appeal.

Court: GSTAT Allahabad Date of Order: 2018-09-11

On matter being called neither anybody appeared nor is there any adjournment request in spite of the notice of hearing having been sent to the appellant well in advance. We also note that the appellant was un-represented on the last date of hearing also. Accordingly, we have heard learned A.R. appearing for the Revenue and have gone through the COD Application, which stand filed for condoning the delay of 174 days in filing the present appeal.

Court: GSTAT Delhi Date of Order: 2018-09-11

It is brought to the notice that the matter pertains to the service tax with respect to mandap keeper services. There is observed a typographical error in the appeal memo wherein excise is mentioned. Department is directed to rectify the said error and registry is to incorporate the same and accordingly transfer the matter to service tax bench and list in due course thereafter.

Court: GSTAT Delhi Date of Order: 2018-09-10

Arguments on application praying for condonation of delay in filing of appeal heard. Learned Counsel for the applicant has submitted that there is a delay of 10 days in filing the appeal which occurred due to the circumstances beyond the control of the assessee on account of various administrative constraints. Delay is accordingly prayed to be condoned. There is no apparent objection on the part of the Department.

Court: GSTAT Chennai Date of Order: 2018-09-07

On behalf of the appellant, Ld. Counsel. Shri. M. Kannan submitted that the appellant came to know of the order only when the jurisdictional authorities contacted them during June, 2018. He further stated that the delay was due to the fact that the Department had delivered the order at the appellant’s old factory premises which remained closed from 29.12.2012 and not at their present address at B/22, T.V. Industrial Estate, S.K. Ahire Marg Worli, Mumbai 400030. He submitted that the delay had been on account of the circumstances explained above and was never due to deliberate intention or negligence.

Court: GSTAT Hyderabad Date of Order: 2018-09-04

After considering the submission made and perusal of records, I find that the delay has been suitably justified. Accordingly, I allow the application for condonation of delay and direct the registry to record the appeal and list the same for disposal in its due course.

Court: GSTAT Delhi Date of Order: 2018-09-04

It is brought to our notice that matter pertains to Service Tax bench. Request made for placing the matter before appropriate Bench is allowed. Registry to place the matter before the Bench dealing with Service tax matter. Necessary correction in appeal number as far as categorization concerned be also done by the Registry.

Court: GSTAT Hyderabad Date of Order: 2018-09-03

This appeal is listed for admission today. After hearing both sides and despite the amount involved in this case being less than Rs. 2.00 lakhs, as appellant intends to contest the issue on merits which is admitted and Registry is directed to take on record the appeal and list the same for disposal in its due course.